Kerry & Kit Dunlop

Kerry Dunlop - The Gree

Kerry Dunlop - The Gree

Kerry & Kit Dunlop farm The Gree a 268 hectare flat to slightly rolling contour property 18 kms north of Winton, Southland. This region has a 700 mm rainfall, which is evenly spread throughout the year. About 30 hectares is in cereal crop each year.

The 2600 ewes consistently produce 160 % of lambs for sale or for replacements. With a scanning of 203 % this year, the lambing could be the best ever. More than 1000 ewes are performance recorded with Sheep Improvement Limited SIL.

The 525 ewe hoggets rear 85 % of lambs

Pioneer recorded flock: Performance recording began in 1964 with identifying Romney ewes, which could rear good lambs to weaning.

  • 1968: these ewes were recorded on the first computerised sheep-recording scheme run by the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • 1969: Joined the NZ Romney Development Group, the first large scale sheep breeding scheme in the world.
  • 1969: first Coopworth ram used in The Gree flock.
  • 1972: Apex Coopworth Syndicate formed
  • 1991: The Gree Texel flock was established
  • 1996: East Friesians were used

Greeline composite: Since 1996, when it was more certain that the net returns from wool had permanently declined compared with meat, a crossbreeding programme commenced.

Through a careful examination of the results of the comparative performance of the various crosses, the Greeline composite was evolved.

A very important influence was the feed back from clients about the performance of their sheep after using rams from The Gree. They farm in a wide range of conditions of topography and climate in the South Island. Some of them have been purchasing their rams from The Gree continually for more than 35 years.